52 bar challenge

Welcome to my New Year's resolution! In the year 2016, I'm setting the "bar" high and challenging myself to create one in-depth craft chocolate bar review per week--52 bars in all.  In an effort to keep my biases at bay, each bar will be selected by a third party (read: my family) and presented to me with no identifying hints, and I will do my best to give a purely objective rendering of my tasting experience. 

As this year draws to a close, I'm busily compiling the criteria I'll be using to review each bar, and by this time next year, there should be a collection of cohesive reviews that will help you, and me, to be better informed about the dizzying array of craft chocolate available to us lucky chocophiliacs. 

So stay tuned for that first of many reviews, and in the meantime, happy holydays to you and yours from the empassionado family!