I discovered my relationship with chocolate at a very early age, and my mother has the photographic evidence to prove it: a worn picture from the late 70s of a 2-year-old sitting atop a refrigerator, pretty much covered in chocolate. Years later, she caught me sitting on a kitchen countertop with a bottle of Hershey's syrup...drinking straight from the bottle. It took a few more years for my eyes to be opened to what real chocolate actually means, but when it finally happened, there was no going back. 

I find myself in the past few years on the weird flip side of the chocolate industry: I have sculpted it and reviewed it and worked with it and even grown it, and goodness knows I've bought more than my fair share of it, but I may not actually ever reach the holy grail of making the stuff. Then again, I might. But in the meantime, I'm learning right along with you, in the best, most delicious way possible.

I'm pretty sure I'll die happy this way.